Top Must Visit Temples in Chennai

Top Must Visit Temples in Chennai

Chennai is developing into a cutting edge city yet it has not put some distance between its heavenly roots. Here are the 20 sanctuaries that individuals should visit in Chennai.

Parthasarathy Temple

This sanctuary is devoted to Hindu God Krishna and is worked in eighth century. The distinctive symbols of Lord Vishnu; Krishna, Narasimha, Rama and Varaha are housed in this sanctuary. On the off chance that you are a Venkateswara fan you can’t miss this one!

There are independent passages for the places of worship of Lord Rama and Lord Narasimha. It is one of the most established structures in Chennai and is situated in Triplicane. Travelers visit this sanctuary for its delightful and complex plans on the columns.

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Situated in Mylapore and is accepted to be worked by Pallavas in the seventh century. Master Shiva is venerated in this sanctuary as Arulmigu Kapleeshwar and Goddess Karpagambal – a type of Shiva’s significant other Parvati. The sanctuary structure remains as a symbol to Dravidian design.

The gopuram stands tall in Mylapore avenues with a tank on the west. Truth be told, it is trusted that the term Mylapore originated from a genuine story where the Goddess revered Lord Shiva as ‘peacock’ and in Tamil ‘mayil’ signifies peacock. The Arubathimooval celebration praised amid the Tamil month of Panguni is the most noticeable celebration in the sanctuary.

Sri Vadapalani Andavar Temple

Worked in 1890, this sanctuary venerates at the special raised area of Lord Muruga. The sanctuary is devoted to Lord Muruga and the moolavar is in standing stance and looks like the Palani Muruga. It is a standout amongst the most frequented sanctuaries in Chennai and is additionally one of the favored scenes for relational unions. Annaswami Nayakar, an aficionado of Muruga was the organizer of the sanctuary.

It was revamped during the 1920s and made acclaimed in light of Sthanikar Shri V.A. Sundaraa Gurukkal, who took care from his initial teenagers till his retirement in 1984. This sanctuary is situated in Vadapalani and is effectively available by transport and offer cars.

Ashtalakshmi Temple

Situated around the shores of Elliot’s Beach in Besant Nagar, this sanctuary is devoted to Goddess Lakshmi and her 8 frames. Her 8 frames are portrayal of the supplier of 8 sorts of weatlh in particular, posterity, achievement, thriving, riches, fearlessness, valiance, sustenance, and information. The sanctuary was worked in 1974 and the goddesses are manifested in various dimensions.

The primary floor houses the holy places of Aadilakshmi, Dharyalakshmi and Dhaanyalakshmi. Goddess Mahalakshmi and Maha Vishnu are revered on level two. On the third floor, sanctuaries of Santha Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi and Gajalakshmi are venerated. The fourth floor has a solitary structure – Goddess Dhanalakshmi.

Adeeswar Temple

This sanctuary is viewed as the ‘Door toward the South.’ The sanctuary lies close Redhill Lake on the Grand Trunk Road that interfaces the city toward the Southern conditions of Tamil Nadu. The sanctuary reflects underlying foundations of Jainism in Tamil Nadu and furthermore the development of its customs. This sanctuary is an essential place of worship among Indian Jains due to its history. The sanctuary is given to the first Tirthankar Rishabhadev who is otherwise called Adi Bhagwan, Adeeswar, Adi Nath and Adi Jain. This old Jain sanctuary is otherwise called the Kesarwadi Jain Temple by local people with its commencement, accepted to be as far back as 1stcentury B.C.

Ayyappan Temple

The Mahalingapuram Ayyappan sanctuary was the first Ayyappan sanctuary in city. The sanctuary was worked in 1974 under the direction of Sri.N.Subramanian Stapathy and is has turned into the perfect spot of love for a few fans. It appeared as a result of numerous lovers continuing to Sabarimala amid the Mandalam-Makaravilakku seasons.

Thirumalai Thirupathi Devasthanam Temple

Situated on the southern puts money on Sri Swami Pushkaarini, the sanctuary is devoted to Lord Venkatachalapathi. A large number of aficionados come each year to get his favors. It is trusted that lovers who can’t make it to Tirumala Tirupati sanctuary, they visit this sanctuary. The divinity Lord Venketeshwara looks fundamentally the same as the one in Tirupathi. One noteworthy advantage for fans is that lovers can stand near the god and petition God for couple of minutes.

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

This sanctuary was worked in 1952 in memory of Sai Baba of Shirdi in Mylapore. This is viewed as a standout amongst the most believed sanctuaries in all of India having been developed by extremely unmistakable aficionados of Sai Baba.

ArulMigu Ramanatheswarar Temple (Navagraha)

This is an antiquated sanctuary, situated in Porur. It is trusted that Lord Rama came looking for Sita and accidently discovered Lord Shiva’s linga here through his direction he took toward where Sita was taken. The sanctuary is built on this spot in 700 AD.

Madhya Kailash Temple

It is otherwise called Nadukkayilai, it is situated along Sardar Patel Road in Adyar. Arranged in the intersection where the OMR begins expanding from Sardar Patel Road. The sanctuary has turned out to be popular for its extraordinary icon of “Adhyantha Prabhu”, which is part Ganapathy and part Anjaneya. The correct side is Ganesh and the left Hanuman.

Marudeeswarar Temple

This sanctuary is accepted to have been worked in the eleventh century and committed to Lord Shiva in Thiruvanmiyur. Legend has it that Sage Valmiki (creator of the Ramayana) visited this sanctuary to adore Lord Shiva.

Ranganatha Temple

Situated in Thiruneermalai, the sanctuary watches Neervanna Perumal and Lord Ranganatha. It is situated on a slope top and stands as one of increasingly complex sanctuaries in all of India and the lovers need to climb 110 stages to achieve the top.

Anjaneyaswami Temple

Situated in Nanganallur and devoted to Lord Hanuman, it has one of the biggest icons in the entire nation with the rock statue, standing 32 feet tall. It is viewed as a recognized icon as it was developed from a solitary layer of shake.