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Maple: The Banquet Hall

The Banquet Hall to Host up to 20 Guests

Just a handful of friends wanted to have nostalgic moments rekindled, by meeting in a small hall, savouring the choice of foods?

Need to conduct an official meet with about 20 members or an interview?

Maple, our banquet hall would be the best choice for such a need.

Being housed in the basement of Hotel Shelter, it can accommodate upto 20 members.

As the hotel is located on one of the main artery road of Mylapore, Chennai, reaching the place would be much easier. Either you could savor the buffet spread or order from the A-la-carta menu so that it would be served at the comfort of your meeting hall.

We value the emotions, needs of every individual, so, if you’re looking to host a meet with just 20 members or with 250 members, we’re here.

Call our team, they’d assist you to zero the hall, food and decorations, so that you’d just relax and live every moment of the event with your guests.



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