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Banian: The Banquet Hall

The Banquet Hall to Host up to 250 Guests

Banian tree, being spectacular in size, in the forest, would host lots of species under its shade, branches and also the fruit, an unforgettable delicacy for the birds, squirrels, for which they use to come again and again, once more.

Inspired by the same, our banquet hall Banian, is situated amidst the concrete jungle, nothing but the city. If you’re planning for a mega event, be it a family function such as birthday party, betrothal, engagement, sangeet, wedding etc or a corporate event, business summit, to host about 250 people, then search not anywhere. Banian – The Banquet hall is at your service.

Our chefs are eagerly awaiting for the challenge you’d like to offer them by cherry picking the delicacies for your special guests and they’re, time and again proved that, the dishes prepared by them would tingle and linger through the memories of your guests. Because, memory has a taste.

With respect to the arrangements of the hall, such as decorations, seating, our banqueters are at your service, to make sure, the thoughts, dreams you’ve had, brought into life, much easily, through their expertise.

The hall is spread across an area of 2,250 Sq. Ft.

To book the hall, Call us now.

Our team is awaiting to make your event, a grand success.



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